Monday, June 27, 2011

Ever wish you lived in a different decade?

There are many times I wish I lived in the 50's. On days like this,
When I have a child that most of the day nothing makes her happy for long, I wish I lived in a time when disciplining your children was not the ruling of the courts, and kids ate the food placed in front of them. Kids listened to there parents and knew when to keep quite.
I can see some saying, 'what about all your rights now as a woman' or 'what about all the technology' and etc,etc,etc.... Well, I am a stay at home, who likes it this way. Honestly I feel that I get less of a chance at life some times because everyone and their mother can hop on a computer and get this, do that,and or learn to do that. I would prefer my life to be more simplistic, I don't like it being so over whelmed with computers, cell phone, TV's, Ipod, etc. I think that this generation is to "now, gimme, gimme, gimme." and they can't just wait 5 minutes to make a PB&J sandwich, it has to be done NOW! that is why I think Erica likes peanut butter on a poon, (spoon).
(this is how I wish I was today)

Not really sure how this helps but it was cute.


  1. I wish I lived in the 50's so I had a maid and looked perfect while vacuuming. Hair always in place. Dinner always ready at precisely 5:30.
    Booming economy.
    I think the 20's would have been exciting, but that was a hard decade.

    Thanks for joining in on the blog hop. :) If you do more of them you will draw a ton of traffic to your site! is a good resource.

  2. P.S. This post is adorable. You're cute. :) I love, "that is why I think Erica likes peanut butter on a poon, (spoon)." ha ha


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