Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Been almost a month!

As much as I like bloging. I always find something else that needs to be done. House work, kids stuff, me stuff, lazy stuff. In any case I am not much of a writer either, but isn't that the fun of a blog, not having to be perfect.

Weston left last Friday and is back in the sand box. We had an amazing time together as a family and just the two of us. Time didn't go to fast, but I still didn't want him to leave. I thought of the many things I still wanted to do but didn't get do to the day before he was leaving. I didn't take as many picture as I would have liked. I would have liked to cook more and be able to just do more. But that would need more time as well which we did not have. I miss him so much already and it is only been four days. Seems so much longer! Love you tons Weston, and We are all excited to see you soon.

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