Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As I went through last years pictures to take off my computer and store else where I came across my album of my trip to Arizona.  I haven't really looked through it as it kind makes me sad.  This picture is of my Grandma holding my Grandpa's hand just few days before he passed away. 
Maybe because I remember the emotion that was in that room as I took this picture, put I really love this picture. It just makes think of how much I love them, and what amazing people they where. I just love it so much. I get very emotional when ever I see it. 

I Just love this song. it just touches my heart every time I hear it.
(Your going to want to go to bottom of page and pause page music before listening to video) 

Trip to Santa Fe mountain ski basin


Well we started homeschooling about 3 weeks ago. It has been quite an adventure getting into a schedule and figuring out what works for us. Knowing what times to do what things, how does my son work best. There are still things I have yet to put into affect that I know I want to do. I just hope this learning process does not take to long and take away from Glenn actually learning. I have some big challenges in front of me that worry me, and I hope that I am giving him all that he needs to progress and learn. It is very heard for me to be calm with him sometimes. I find the hardest times to be when we are trying to read, and I feel he knows or assume he knows what to do when sounding out words, I just hate it when he guesses a word by just looking at the first letter but not the whole word. I am trying really hard to be calm and understanding, using words that affirm and lift up. I give him so free time during the day as long as he finishes the work sheets I give him for his studies, I just keep wondering if I am doing ok. I read once from another homeschool mom, that this is the hardest job she had ever had. OY VAE! :/  Here is my prayer I wrote yesterday, after I got very angry inside at my son for disobeying me.

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