Monday, December 10, 2012

Pictures with Uncle...How fun.

Why do I want to suddenly want to homeschool?


I have been having a few questions as to why I would take my son out of kindergarten, from a perfectly fine school in the middle of the year. Well let me go back a few years. Before my husband and I got married, I remember having a conversation about school for our future kids. Because I had a hard time in school, I have always been very adamant about making sure my kids get a good education and have a lot of parent involvement. I primarily meant a privet school or joining the PTO, NOT homeschooling. Because of barely graduating school myself I never felt qualified to homeschool. I was afraid of failing my kids and messing them up worse then I was in school.

Being a military family we move a lot and we have met a lot of homeschooling families over the years. In hindsight I think God has always had homeschooling in his plans, I just wasn't where I needed to be yet. I have been married over 7years and not once till about two week ago did I ever seriously consider really going for it.

So why am I considering it?

I never put my kids in day care just so I could go back to a mediocre job, all while some one else was raising and teaching my kids. I wanted to be the parent and teach them. I suddenly came to the same feeling about school. My son has already received 5 referral slips from school  this year. He talks back, doesn't show respect for others or his elders, has says things I don't think are ok for a 6 year old and his attitude has gone done hill since school. I am not the one to discipline him or correct his bad behavior. I am not the one to help him improve or fix what he did wrong.

My son actually does really well educationally in school and is normally done with his work quite quickly, and then acts out because he is board. I know they should be able to help me out it this area, but to me there is more then just fixing this problem. I want to teach him kindness, respect, sharing, love for others, and patience. These are not core lessons at school, but in my BIBLE.

Yes he does get in trouble for many other reasons, but as I was told recently, he is having a heart issue, and we need to figure out what it is. Hearing him say 'I don't know' is just frustrating and not helping him be a better person.

There could be many alternatives to taking my son out of school, such as having more bible devotions with my kids before bed, or getting the teacher to give him more work, or getting him tested. All very possible. But the honest truth is I just feel that this is what God is calling me to do right now, And if my timing is right with Gods then this will all work out.

Believe me I don't think he will have any 'social' problems, he is a very outgoing kid and loves to play.

Please pray for my family as we attempt this and that we all lean on God. If you have more questions as to why I am doing this, go ahead and ask, or if you have any recommendations please let me know.

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