Saturday, October 18, 2008

Erica Rayne

So sorry this has taken me so long to get back on here, but with two little ones, my free time is rare and is used to do other things like house hold chores or sleeping! So when I have more time i will write and post more about my unexpected all naturel birth. but for now here is the gerneral information. Erica Rayne Goodwin was born October 9th at 3:20 pm, in naples Italy. She weighed in at 8 lbs .1 oz and her length was 20 inches.

Now at 9 days old, I can say she is so different from her brother. Glenn was a very quite and laid back infant. Erica is loud when she needs something and very promt to eat. But I am so in love, it is a good thing to cause a lack of sleep at 2 in the morning really starts to get on the nerves. What will I do when Weston has to go back to work? I am so not looking forward to that day.
Erica Rayne Goodwin!!
Two days old, with big brother Glenn.
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Holding my baby girl
He is so supportive
Look how happy he is
he looks so in love
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having a contraction
Proud father
Calling the parents
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Could this picture be any more precious. I almost never get weston to take a good looking picture with me. I love it so much.This picture was taken at my best friends Wedding reception in Aug. We love you John and Betsey!!
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What is going on!

So I went to the Doctor is morning for my apt. and to my sad surprise not much has changed since last week. I have been having contractions that have been getting stronger since last Friday, she told me I am 2cm dilated and my cervix is softer but she is not very far down. I was so sure that something would happen last night, but i guess not. Right now I have an appointment to get induced Thursday evening, which I feel good and bad about, so many pros and cons on getting induced when your body is not ready. Please pray she decides to come out before then.

I reluctantly admit to knowing that God is trying to teach me something, and sadly I am only half way through this lesson. One thing I should already know and am now being shown again as that God does not do things when you want them to be done, He knows his timing and they won't be done before then, No matter how uncomfortable you are. Why must life lessons be taught at the most inopportune times.

Check back later to see if I have any new news.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

why won't she come out?

I have tried so many things to get her to come out. Why do my children like to stay in me? it just becomes so uncomfortable. I have tried to be patient and understanding as to why God wants her to stay in there. but I have learned that it is very hard to trust God when you don't know the plans he has next. Which I know is called Faith, but every time he tests your faith it is still very trying. With Glenn I was so sure he just needed to develop more before he came out, but honestly I will never know why he was a week late. With Erica I still have no Idea. The Doctor tells me I and she are both very healthy and I have had no problems or complications with the pregnancy. So please tell me why won't she come out?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Today is her due date.

So today is Erica's due date and I am trying to wait patiantly. I went to the Dr. again yesterday and still no progress, but I got my membrains sweept again and later in the day my mucus plug came out and ever so ofton I get contrations. This morning I am having contractions but they aren't very strong yet and so I am still trying to get things done around the house and relax as much as possible. I want her in my arms so bad, I keep wispering to her that when she comes out she will be just as loved and warm as she was inside me. So there is no need to stay inside me any longer. I want to see how big brother Glenn will react to having a litttle sister and a baby around. There are just so many things to look forward to. "Erica why aren't you out yet?"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The first of October

So it is the 1st and there is still no Erica Rayne Goodwin. I am so sad. I am getting antsy. wish she was out now. she has full permission, it is now October.
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