Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been couponing for about four months. It has been a fun experiance so far. I save any where from 25$ to 90$ on a grocery trip. I haven't been taught this, I started from scratch. I am not like those people you see on TV buying things I dont use. I have recently bought a ton of body wash that will last me well into next year, but those are things that we will use and I paid 25 cents to nothing (free) for those. I am really glad that now I dont have to go out to get food every week, I have enough in my kitchen (if I wanted). I encourage you to get your Sunday paper and cut the coupons, look through the grocery ads and find what you can for cheaper or free. There are billion websites out there for helping you to learn to coupon and find great deals. here are a few.


Here are some site that give good coupons, check them out too.


Almost any brand, you can go to there website and sign up to get coupons.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I need to use coupons more. Just seems like none of the coupons that are in the paper are for things I would buy anyways. So I WOULD be one of those people who bought stuff that I wouldn't end up using = more cost, no savings. :(


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