Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anembryonic Gestation. (kind of descriptive, so you know)

Anembryonic Gestation, a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. A term used before four weeks of pregnancy. This is what happened to my body last night. (Of course I am not 100% sure of this, I did not have my HGC levels checked, but I am fairly certain) A loss of pregnancy will usually happen near one would have her cycle, so it may not seem out of the ordinary, it is very heavy blood flow, and may have worse cramps then normal. I had all of the above, plus it has been very clotty flow. Those were my physical shows of what was happening. Have you ever had a very uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach that just made you ache and worry? Well I had that feeling most of yesterday, I never really know what to do with that feeling, but when I remember I pray. I was out last night, and was on my way home about 9 when that feeling came back. I noticed the spotting had started when I got home.

How do I feel about this? Well if you had read any of my other posts, you would know I was kinda unsure about getting pregnant right now anyway, So this morning I thought maybe it was a good thing that it happened now, so I wouldn't be so sad about not being pregnant. But once I returned home I had time to think about it, and I was sad. The fact that I believe that that was the begining of a child, and that made me pregnant, even if only two weeks along, (from conception, 4 by a dr. calendar.) that made me cry. If I wasn't pregnant at all that would have been different, I would not have missed or lost anything.

I have seen and heard of so many woman going through tough pregnancies over the last two years that it makes me think a lot, over many different things. One thing I have been trying to do is make sure I pray anytime it comes to mind. For my friends who are pregnant, for pregnant woman I don't know, and for myself, so that we are healthy as well as our babies, now or in the future.

Anyway.... till text time and hopefully on a happier note!

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