Thursday, June 23, 2011


The one thing I get to do a lot of while Weston is gone is BBQ. I love to eat BBQ food and so I had to learn quickly that if I wanted it while Weston was gone I had to make it. When Weston was gone for 6 months in 2008, I was pregnant with Erica and I loved BBQ. We had this tiny little BBQ on our front porch, I looked at it one day and thought to myself "What is so hard about this, I am a good cook, I can BBQ" so that was when I started to have BBQ when ever I wanted! I am proud to say that I can BBQ with the best of them, and I mean it. I can truly say I have had some awful BBQ, and only know 3 men that can BBQ good food. My dad, my husband and Billy Carling. I am sure there are others that can as well, so take no offense if I haven't mentioned you.

But in any case, I love that I can BBQ and cook in the kitchen too. BBQ at my house any time.


  1. Sure thing. I am sure we will have a ton.


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