Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did you know?

I like to photograph. I have officaly started my own buisness, about three months ago. It is called Captured Beauty Photography. This is my blog if you want to see what I like to do.

I have pictures from an old 35mm from when I was in grade school. I love that you can capture feelings in a picture, the way you feel at that moment you see something. When you see a picture it can spark strong feelings inside you. Anything from love and happiness to sadness and sorrow. Pictures aren't just a way to capture beauty, but to also show future generations what life was like, to change and make others understand how you view your world. I want to show the world the beauty I see that God has given all around me.

This is my Son and I on Easter.

To me, Photography is my way of giving back beauty and love.
So I started my own amateur photo business.

I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but have not improved my skills, so I am hopping that over this year taking pictures of people and friends as well as a few night classes when Weston returns, I can become the photographer I strive to be. I believe that a true pro Photographer should be able to take a picture and capture the beauty you see with your own eye without having to use a ton of editing tools. Even though those can be fun and add uniqueness to a picture that is who I want to become. If you would like to use my services please give me a jingle or write me an email. My prices are on the side of my Blog page.

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