Thursday, June 30, 2011

A better reason to write,

I need to find a topic or passion that can go along with my blogging. Because otherwise All you may find are the sad journal entries of a lonely woman. After I asked this question on my FB page,
"Why do I have a blog if everyone I know already reads my FB posts?" My friend replied this,
"Lol? To keep your brain straight! And cause Facebook posts disappear eventually so if you want to see what you wrote on January 5 you need to look in your blog "aka: public diary" lol"
I like what she said, aka: public diary. well in a way that is so true. but not so good either, the only time I find that I write in a diary is when I need to vent and get something off my chest, usually so I can go to bed. But who wants to hear the sad moans of my tired day? Not very many people. I was clicking through the blogs at the top of the page yesterday when I came across a very sad blog. Many blogs have been set up but haven't been touched in months or even years, this young ladies last blog was about a year ago. She sounded so depressed and sad, no one seemed to love or help her. I was worried about her just reading her posts. in case your curious, but reading her page made me think, as much as I would like people to see me, I want to give something more and not be a cause for concern. There are many things I love, so I will try and share them more. Also note that when my husband returns I doubt my posts will be as often.

For those of you that read my thoughts, please let me know your out there.

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