Saturday, October 8, 2011

My homemade party dress!

Have you seen these skirts around? Well in a past post I mentioned that I loved a feather skirt that I saw on a actress. Read here if you want. Well for my birthday last month my husband took me out to a nice dinner out in town. I wanted to dress up, and he new I loved this dress, so we decided to see if it could be home made. let me tell you it wasn't easy.
My first toughie was trying to find a lace shirt I liked. Not easy to do. I searched the internet over and over, trying to one that I really liked. sadly no lace is inexpensive either, so I paid around 60$ bucks for this shirt alone! Yikes! I better wear it some more. I found it at this great sight, you might like it, here. later I had to figure out what I was going to do for the skirt part. I looked online and really only found 3 that where in my price range, under 60$. but I still didn't like them much. So I started to look at ebay and etsy. I tried for about a week to get one from a couple ladies from etsy, but they only made them in little girls sizes. found a couple I really liked on ebay but they were getting shipped here from China, so it would take to long to get here. So I told my super crafty Sister my problem to see if she could help me out. Telling her I might need to make one myself but no real idea where to start she gave me some pointers. 
Here is the first website we found. What to wear.  It was a very helpful start, but I could not continue because the site they give was all out of that style of feathers. Nice thing about the feather site they gave, one of the least expensive place's I found. So I kept looking, somehow I stumbled across this blog, This is how I finally decided to make my skirt. Check her out, she did an amazing job showing in detail what to do and what you need.  My skirt turned out much longer then the above on Emma but I still really love how it turned out. On her Blog she used smaller boas, which is another reason why mine is much larger and poofy-er. I also used my sewing machine instead of sewing by hand. This is where I bought my boas, Beware you made shed a lot, looking like a dead bird is around. 
Let me know if you try to make yourself one. I would love to see how it turns out. 

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