Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The frustration! And I know I can't be the only one. Please help!

My wonderful Erica is driving me nuts! She turned 3 last Sunday. My how it feels so unreal. not only because she just doesn't look 3, but looking back on her birth, it feels so much longer ago. I never knew what picky was until I had her, and it only seems to be getting worse! I get so frustrated and angry just thinking about it. ( You should see my husband! YIKES!) Because I refuse to feed her snack food when ever she wants or let her have sugary foods as she pleases she has a very limited source of food right now.  It is very... aggravating! She seems to have only gotten worse as time goes on. I think one reason for that might be that she gets sick of the same foods over and over, but yet she is unwilling to try new foods. She used to eat much more food. Sweet potatoes, Pesto with pasta, Mac n cheese, oatmeal.... She has never eaten meat until this last spring, she started eating chicken nuggets, still unsure on how I feel about that. Currently all I can get her to eat is yogurt, cheese, crackers, Chex cereal, chicken nuggets and maybe a few others I forgot about.

When we moved here a little over two years ago we were forced to make a decision that still angers me. Because of low weight and short stature, her Doctor asked us to start testing her to see if she had any genetic abnormalities or vitamin deficiencies. I still believe it is just DNA. After months of tests and Doctors Apts, they couldn't find anything wrong and she had gained about 3 Lbs, so they decided she just fine. My husband's family isn't all tall.

Last night I think my husband and I just had our last straw. We have usually just make her something she likes for dinner, (I know your not supposed to do that) so that she would eat and we would have to worry about her losing any weight. But recently she won't even eat foods she use to like or try them in new form, such as grilled cheese, or butter noodles.... and the list goes on.  Last night she wouldn't eat the meal I made the family, so after trying to force feeding our three year old she was made to go to bed. Last night Dad said she had to have it for breakfast, So showing that we were on the page that is what I had to do this morning. It isn't like we tried to make her eat the whole bowl, we just asked her to try one small sized bite. Then after doing so she could have grapes. But NO, she wouldn't have it. After about a half hour she  took a small bite of broccoli, (which she likes, but this had cream of celery on it)

I really don't want to be starving her between meals. she is also old enough to learn ways around it, like big breakfasts, lunch and snacks, then no dinner, I can see her doing that. Do you have any tips or helpful ideas. your prayers would also be nice thanks to all. 

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