Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funday

This morning I wasn't much in the mood for anything. I had no motivation. Sadly my choices were go to gym, be lazy and stay at home, or stay at home and clean. Well my ending result was stay home, but I went for a walk with the kids then I cleaned the house. But this is how my walk went. It was a beautiful morning and we had an amazing time out together. 

Running down the street after me, sadly out of focus.

Erica eating her Eggo Waffle on our walk. 

Wearing the Converse. I bought them at different times, neat that they fit them at the same time.

Sibling love, this was the best part of our day, they were great with each other while we were outside.

My little Erica likes to pick up and collect rocks, not sure why, but I hate it when they end up in my house. 

A path made by one of the fork lifts.

He said to me "Can you smell it mom? I can smell the forest animals" 

E being E.

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