Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our family Vacation Day1.

My in-laws have a time share. Normally they go to Hawaii once a year, but this year they decided to come out our way and spend time with our kids and us. We are so excited to have them out and that they invited us to spend this week with them out at Hilton Head Island, SC.

This morning we were able to relax and get ready slowly. So nice to be able to do that with our two kids. We took our time driving down each and every long country road it was just beautiful. This would be the one time I would openly volunteer to be the first person to get a chip planted in my brain, then I could take pictures with my eyes. That would make taking pictures while driving sooo much easier then trying to tell my husband "ooh ooh take a picture of that, oh oops we passed it!"

These aren't mine, I was driving, but this is what it looked like. 

Beautiful Right!! So Amazing! 

You wouldn't believe the odd trip we had though. About an hour from home we hit Jackson, SC we were coming to a fork in the road, low and behold our GPS quit on me about three minutes before, so I was stuck scrambling trying to figure out which way was the correct road, I would say that we were better late then never in deciding to go right or left. Thankfully no big deal, shortly after taking that road we came to another break in the road. Going right was an entrance to something we had no idea what, but it was fancy looking with big flags and guards and a large gate, to the left was a thin two lane road, much like the picture above. Just after taking the pretty road we noticed that there were electric fences and and dead end roads that went no where. But what was so odd to us was that we kept seeing signs that said "keep drive no stopping or standing, except for emergencies",  we kept driving and passed a few more highly guarded gates. Then went under a very large water pipe that went forever in either direction. Suddenly the one car behind us sped up and passed us before the upcoming hill, but he then got flashed by an on coming car. Our first thought was that there was an accident up ahead with cops and he was warning him, but then he did the same to us and we weren't speeding.  All of a sudden we see this...

(Not my picture but just like what we saw)

Both Weston and I started laughing we were just so surprised and was unexpected to see this site ahead of us. As we continued down this beautiful yet oddly secure two lane road my husband looks at me and says, "You don't know it, but this is really where they keep area 51, nobody expects it to be here so they don't look!" Thats my husband, cracking jokes at the most random times. Made me laugh though. 30 miles after entering this desolate two lane road we notice that things start to look a little bit more open and see a sign that says Savannah River site exit ahead. ?? What was that? We then realized what we had been driving through as we pass a HUGE sign that says Savannah River Site Energy. We had just passed through a 310 sq. mile Nuclear power plant!!! 

I can't describe the beautiful scenery that we saw on our way south to the beach, I was in the love with our drive. With the windows downs the warm sun shinning in and a nice cool crisp fall breeze blowing though, that was what I call a road trip. Ahhhh, Love. We passed through many tiny towns that were in the middle of nowhere. Many more miles ahead we saw a sign for a prison. 
"That must be a high security Prison to be in the middle of nowhere!" My husband mentions. 
"Well lets keep driving then!"

Three hours later we made it to to our wonderful destination, A beach Hotel with a view! 

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