Thursday, November 10, 2011

He is Mighty to Save!!!

As a military wife there are times that I only truly feel at home with other military wives. I am so blessed this weekend to be attending the Southeast regional PWOC (Protestant woman of the Chapel) woman's retreat at Ridgecrest North Carolina. To come together with other amazing ladies that understand what my life is like on a daily basis and want to give God praise for everything even in the crazy times that the military gives us. The feeling of seeing an old friend from another duty station or making new friends from where you are at already is a gift from God, these are bonds you make that you will always have, no matter where you are you can call on that friend.

One of my favorite seasons is Fall, you get to watch the beautiful leaves change colors and to me that is true beauty. Driving up here today I was in awe of the creation around me, it makes my heart jump. During our wonderful worship this evening I just kept thinking of that scenery, loving all that God does for us and around us. What a mighty God he is!!

This evening we were so privileged to get to have Laura Story as our worship leader. She is amazing as well as humorous. She was a riot. In the midst of laughable moments she brought up an amazing point that we so often forget, "Not my will, but your will be done". How often do we make planes for our lives and also say that we give our lives to God, you can't have both, and I feel that this is my most recent struggle. Will I ever learn to give it all and understand that God has my best in mind? I never thought I was a person that needed to be in control so much of the time. Although I hear that being in the military you feel that they take so much control away from you, that you hold on to all you can.

It is amazing what getting away from our day to day life, secluded up on a hilltop with 400 ish other woman praising and seeking God will do to your heart. The true test is what you do with that now renewed heart. Are you able to go home and continue the love and prayer you seek with God on that daily or weekly basis? I know it is tough, I at times feel that I continue to take baby steps always questioning what is to come next. What am I willing to do or maybe give up to be that woman of God, God wants me to be? What kind of person am I to be to raise the children God wants?

I hope you get to feel that love I feel when I sing to the God almighty. The filling of peace and pureness.

Lord, bless this weekend as my sisters in Christ are here to give you praise and learn to live you out in our lives. We thank you so much for all you do whether we ask for it or not. Your love is all consuming and everlasting. I pray you open our hearts to learn what you want us to, and be a friend to those who are in need.   Your loving and grateful daughter, E

Currently listing to Laura Story, 'Faithful God' (amazing)      

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