Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11- Man what a year.

I am still up at my wonderful and amazing woman's retreat. I have been thinking about how last year at international conference in TX what a tough time I was going through and how depressed I was feeling so alone and out of touch. My husband was deployed and had only been gone for two months at that time and boy could I not wait till this year was over. It amazes me that it is one year later. I have been through so much, not sure how much I have grown from it all, but I know I have learned many lessons. I am here feeling that this year I will learn to do much more with my life for God and have more direction. (which is a huge blessing) I am not here asking for help and seeking for God to heal my wounds, I am here with a heart to grow and be more for God. My wonderful sisters and I have been so blessed to have heard from a great speaker and author Lysa TerKeurst, she had amazing words from God to speak into all our lives tonight I wish I had video taped her, because not only was she funny but very encouraging.She talked about how she improved her prayer life, and so long story short she told us about a family tradition she has, that on Christmas she and her family give a gift to Jesus during breakfast, (something like, I will try to be better at obeying my parents, or I will pay more attention to my wife...) anyway there family said this... "I ask lord that during my day you bring someone into my life, interrupted me, so I can be an encouragement to this person, or so that I might bless them with some cash I might have, or that I may pray or help this person, Everyday lord bring a person into my life. So that by the time this time next Christmas I may have touched 365 people for you lord." So they have 7 people in there family, that is 2,555 people that they touched in one year for Jesus Christ. Can you imagine praying that every morning, instead of something too the effect of... Lord please bless me today as I go forth with my day with my kids or work, help me to be a positive and Godly woman. Sounds great right? But to me it also sounds a little selfish, God wants me to impact others for him and spread his love. Do you think you can do that? I think I want to try. Well I learned so much today,but I am tired and it is now way past my bed time. Love to you all.

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