Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When you haven't had it as long as I have.

Fellow blogger Mrs T wrote a blog about SEX, well not exactly, more like what to wear to bed so you can get some. I thought it was a pretty funny blog as I am always in big T's or flannel PJ's in bed, even as a kid. That is just the way I always dressed, likely why it still is now. When I first got married my husband wanted me to come to bed naked. Totally normal. But it made me feel weird, not around him, just cause I didn't have clothes on. There are times now I go through my PJ's and think I should get rid of these, or get some cuter ones to were to bed. Then I think what if we go somewhere, I need Pj's that cover all. So why don't I just put those aside and have cute ones for him? Well for one, currently I am the only one in my bed, so I want to be comfortable. Or what about the winter when it gets cold? Well I do have a fix for that one now, my husband sent me this -->. I look like a big pink easter bunny in them! But they are super cozy.
So as time gets close for his arrival, I am wondering, what I will be wearing to bed? I think I would prefer it to look more like this.

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Do you dress up for bed? Or are you just comfortable? Does your husband like you in cute or sexy PJ's for bed? I just always wonder why does it matter. I don't go to bed with the lights on. He isn't going to see me, and even if we have sex tonight I am not going to turn the bedroom light on just so he can see what cute thing I am wearing to bed. But that isn't the point, is it. Its that if we put the effort in looking cute for our man, then he will notice, and you know what, I bet sex will be even better, because you are both in the mood for a little sheet music.

The above was more or less an extension of what Mrs. T wrote in her blog. But I wanted to share my own little funny tidbit on SEX! Mark Gungor is genius. He is funny, smart, and relatable. My husband and I first heard on him on a couples retreat we went on last spring. We later talked about about using him as a tool to share about sex with our own kids, when that time comes. He has a teen learning series you can use to help out. We both believe that training our kids about the physical and emotional attachment you get when you have sex is very important. Wes and I were both each others first and only when it came to sex, but he knew way more about sex then I ever did. That came from our parents input or rather the lack of input. His parents did a wonderful job of informing him on all kinds of things. Body parts, what to do, when to do it. (Some I also think came from school and being an attentive male) My parents on the other hand, put me in a purity class when I was a high schooler, and that was it. I learned about sex from TV, friends, my Dr., and then from my husband. Surprisingly having such a lack of information never made me shy about it, I would ask questions or say things loudly, when normal people would whisper it. So which has helpful in having kids. My son is four, and I tell him not to touch his penis. I don't say weenie or ding a ling or peter. (He doesn't get it from me, and yet he still laughs at the word, is it intuitive?) I just wanted to share that if you start talking to your kids about body parts at a young age and then transition into sex later on, I don't think it will be such an odd thing and an uncomfortable subject. You are there best advisor on what sex should be like, tell them the truth. I don't think my parents would have ever told me sex would be fun! (But only after marriage!!) Enjoy the clip below. =)


  1. hahahahaha... The title of this post immediately made me laugh out loud!!

    Love your post!! Made me smile!

  2. P.S. I like your new haircut!! :)


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