Monday, August 8, 2011

To clean or purge, that is that question.

Do you think that I could take all my clutter, put it in a box and deal with it later? I dislike saving bill stubs in a filing box, never knowing what to with misc instructions to whatever we recently bought, old light bulbs, old batteries, the gazillion cords to old cell phones, cameras, laptops, computer and MP3 players. Not to mention the head phones that could still be used but that are too big for my ears. I have a broken plater that went to our Fine dining wear that broke during our move, I don't have the heart to get rid of it, but can't fix it. My house really isn't dirty, it just has clutter, but I also have two kids that seem to have to take out all there toys at once, not just what they want to play with . I keep up with laundry, dishes (most times) and vacuuming.

I am so glad that we are having a garage sale next month, that is one thing my husband and I are looking forward to, is that weird? We get to down size so much. I am super excited about purging things that have no place in this house. Like my husbands bachelor lava stand up lamp that is now broken, but insisted on keeping for the longest time. A wooden coffee table that is like 60 lbs that just sits on our room collecting my clothes I don't want to put away yet. :) A china stand we used in our old kitchen in Italy, but now holds DVDs, DVD's go, china stand goes. I am selling most of my Stamp n up stamps, books, kids books, kids clothes, extra kitchen stuff I don't use, and whatever else I can get out side. I better feel clutter free after all that work.

I think one reason I feel the need to get rid of so much stuff is because that whatever God has in mind for us next, we wont have as much room as we do now. Basically since Weston left on his deployment I have felt this way, not sure why it started then, but it has helped to keep me busy. We are lucky to have the house we have now, but I could have done with something smaller, less to clean too. At some point in the future when we move I am sure it will be a shock to our family, having to live in a smaller house.

The future is kinda uncertain, we could leave in a year, or stay for many more. But less is more, right? So here is to de-cluttering and organization!! Here, here!!

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  1. I think it is great you are doing this before you move. We just moved, and did the de-cluttering at the same time - not easy! It is just better to not have it to begin with.

    And we have the same problem with coffee tables in our home. It just starts to collect things - I just couldn't take it anymore, and got rid of it entirely. :-)

    Good luck with the garage sale! Don't forget to post it on Craigslist, if you have a local one!


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