Friday, July 8, 2011

Parenting! What a struggle!

What a responsibility, do we even realize what we are getting into when we have kids? We look at our own lives and usually know what kind of mom or dad we want to be, we at least know what kind of parent we don't want to be. I remember my mom telling me that she learned what to do when she had my brother, (the first) and then you kinda take it from there. seems a little unfair for the first somehow. I don't think we even know how much if an impact we have on our kids...until they do something we don't expect. My daughter, Erica, when she can't get something to work, she gets frustrated, and she make this, UMPH! sound. Just like me. That weirded me out when I saw her do that. My son, Glenn, when he gets frustrated at his sister, he does this low deep dragged out voice when he says her name. Just like me.

Why do they take the not so good attributes??

I heard on the radio this morning that a man's friend had a yard time in life because he wasn't told by his father how proud of him he was, and he didn't get to spend time with him either because he was always working or out of town. Doesn't that make you think?! I try hard to tell my kids that I love them often and that they make me proud. But it is kinda scary that those words have so much impact on our lives.

If only everyone knew about Jesus Christ. Have you ever been healed by God's love? If someone that felt hurt or incomplete by poor parenting they could be healed by His love. They wouldn't have to search for that constant positive feedback and acknowledgement that they are doing something right. That person with Gods love can go out and live the life God has designed for them to live and impact others with His love. If you have Gods love in your heart when you have kids, they will see that, because they are gosh darn super observant.

Of course none of us are perfect and we all sin. as hard as it is to admit as an adult, the littlest things can still be a sin. So how much do we watch what goes in so that we know what comes out will be a positive impact on our kids.

It is so hard to be a good teacher when I am always learning myself.

This is my prayer tonight as I head to bed,

Lord, help me to make wise and honest choices. Keep me truthful and away from temptation. Let my children see your glory in my life so I can guide them in your truths and on your amazing path for their life. Help me to teach them now so that they will know your guiding light when they leave my home. Your loving Child, in Jesus name Amen!

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