Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I remember most about you. For my Grandparents.

There comes a time in all our lives when we know that the time could be near that our time together is getting shorter. You where around for my whole childhood, you knew me before you saw my face and then held me in your arms. Half of who I am comes from you two, you have imprinted amazing memories onto my heart. You taught me to fish, hit a T ball, pick green beans, eat my crust, sponge paint. I only like my green beans the way you cook them, I love bear hugs, and you are the best person to get them from. When I smell black coffee, I often think of you. You and your cowboy boots... those will always make me think of you and smile.

You have lived an amazing life, what amazing events you have lived through. I wish I would have learned more from you, a navy man, my own Rosie the Riveter, what history you both embody. (if I lived closer to my family I would show you a picture of these two wonderful people in my life, :( )

Thing I will not forget, wonderful camping trips, sleep overs, western day dress up at your church, fishing, teasing cousin Ben with fake rubber snakes, that knock at the door at the house after church pretty much every Sunday, dinner and games at your place, gardening, watching Grandpa fixing something, you always had your hands busy.

You are both such amazing people, I wish I could pick your brain. All my love, your last Granddaughter. 

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