Tuesday, December 27, 2011

food from the heart.

You know what I love about my cooking? knowing I am making something healthy and and tasty, that is something I can be proud of. I love cooking from scratch. I really love to try new things and experiment with what I have in my house, something I am doing more and more, it makes me feel like I am instilling a love of real food in my children, even if they don't always eat it. I have been going through my cook books and just picking out meals that sound good and putting them on that weeks dinner list. I have made a  few things that were good but likely won't be made again, but who cares, I tried something new and it was healthy. I have really been into soups lately, which is odd cause I don't really like store bought canned soup, but it is different then homemade soup or restaurant soup. tonight I am making baked potato and ham soup, hoping it turns out well because it sounds amazing.

Conclusion, It was amazing. I think one of the best soups I have made in a while. 

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