Tuesday, November 4, 2008

how life has been

So much has happend since my last blog. I will try and give an over view of what has happend thus far.

on the 14th of October she had her first check up, she had only lost a couple of ounces, but overall they said she was in great health. the Doctor noted that she has a very strong suck. I just laughed to myself, as if I didnt already know that.

The following friday I attended the international Bazzar at JFC, It was just me and Erica. It was a nice me time. I took Erica to her two week Dr. apt on the 23, She is still doing fabulouse, gaining waight and growing just like she should.For holloween We took the the kids to the base to go trick or treating. We had fun for about the first half hour, then crankyness and hunger set in. Glenn was a monkey and Erica was a bananna, it was very cute.

November 3rd was weston first day back to work, which I think was more stressfull for myself then him. I had to deal with two kids for the first time all by myself. It turned out not to be to scary. It wasn't that bad of a day.

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