Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Months of change, mind full thought and emotions.

About 4 months ago we moved across the country, We went from the hot muggy south of Georgia, to the dry hot dessert of New Mexico. That is my life as a military spouse, we move, uproot our children, and try our best to make the best of our new life, I tell my self it is an adventure, but there are days it is just overwhelming and depressing.

Many times this summer I have wanted to get on here and vomit my brain. I am not a highly educated woman, I barely finished high school. As much as I love to learn it stresses me out to do it in a classroom setting. I prefer to not get graded. Instead of a full knowledge of world goings on and political mud slinging, I know songs to Phineas and Ferb, Doc McStuffens, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Just knowing half this crap that goes on would depress anyone. But any person who wants to make a difference and be a good force in this bad world should know whats going on. 

Since moving here I have found out that NM has the 2nd worst schools in all of America, it has the highest rate of teen pregnancies, Santa Fe is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and the unemployment rate is ridiculous compared to the cost of living. 

This is the year, a year that could mean change. Every 4 years we get a chance to vote, a way to get our voice heard. September 26th was national voters registration day. I really hope that you have registered so that you have no excuse when you dislike the way our government is flushing our country down the flusher.

... more thoughts later

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