Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31,2008

I can't believe it! has it really been a year. So much has happened. It is amazing to me that as you get older time passes so much quicker.WHY! We started out the year with Weston deploying, then finding out that I was pregnant with our second. one day later I took my wonderful and fabulous Mommy vacation to London. I also got to explore Naples some more while Glenn was still in Daycare and only had one child to take care of. As summer drew near my excitement of Weston returning home was growing daily. June was a busy month, Wes got home, Glenn started summer break, ( Our choice) we got to go to the army Ball, ( not nearly as Much fun as I was hoping) we got to go to Venice and Vencenza. I really liked June, as we also got to find out that we were having a Baby Girl!!! We were Overjoyed. Later in the summer We flew home to Oregon, and spent a wonderful month with our friends and family. September, We celebrated Glenn's 2ND Birthday, (how can he be growing up so fast?) October brought us our Beautiful Baby Girl Erica Rayne, Sadly a week late. but never the less, she was here and we couldn't ask for more. We also took Glenn trick Or treating dressed as a monkey and Erica as a banana. So cute. We had wonderful friends over for Thanksgiving. Christmas was very fun and laid back. My Erica will all ready be 3months old in 10 days. I am going nuts! 3months! no way. (she is already longer then Glenn at this age, as well as eating better.) Well I guess this is were I sign off and if I want to keep writing, start a new blog. Hope everyone has a great new year!!

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