Sunday, March 15, 2009

Daddy Gone.

So Weston left on Wednesday, when I look back I was surprisingly calm about him leaving for a month, most of the time I get cranky and upset about the whole thing. This time I was different, which is a good thing. I thank all of those who have been praying for us, it has working with many blessing at our house. 

One thing I wanted to try and do while Weston was gone this month was to get Erica sleeping through the night. the first night we tried this I was more worried about Glenn waking up then Erica crying. So I didn't make very long before I went to go get her from her crib. but I just patted her back to sleep and the rest of the night went OK. This is how the next night went as well, finally I just kept her in out room and rocked her back to sleep when she would wake. BUT guess what happened last night, Saturday night the 14 she slept all night in her crib! I was so excited. Now I just hope it wasn't a fluke and she continues to have wonderful nights like this more often.

It helps to pass the time by keeping ourselves busy, I try and take the kids out, go to friends house's or to the park, go and get our shopping done what ever it is, and now that the sun is shinning more and the weather is nicer I am letting Glenn go outside more and more which helps with getting him out and about instead of stuck in the house. I am really proud with how well he is behaving, He is takes naps with  little or no wining at all and going to bed has been a wonderful Glenn and mommy time. One thing I always notice is how little he talks about dad when he is gone but the moment we see another man or dad he is stuck to him like glue. So you know he craves that time with his daddy.

 So before I forget, I want to remember this moment, Sunday the 15Th of March 2009, at 3 pm in the afternoon, I put both of my children down for naps and they are still sleeping! I already have my dishes and laundry done and most of my house is clean. So I can just relax!! (Please Lord let this happen more often!)

Blessing to all!! enjoy your day, Elizabeth

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